Twitter Photo Contest with NYPD Turns Ugly Fast



To keep the momentum going from my past social media post I came across this other article that goes into detail about the social media efforts from the NYPD. Most of you know cops tend to have a bad wrap for abuse of power with tons of associated press pictures of police brutality and images depicting people who are suppose to protect us, hurting the public more than defending them. I think that police have an extremely hard job to do with not enough people, too many cases and crimes, and definitely not enough pay for the risk they take everyday protecting our safety. From a larger standpoint, I think the NYPD was tired of being ridiculed and looking like “the bad guy” all the time in the media. I get what they were trying to do, but I think it could have been executed differently. Basically what happened was NYPD turned to social media (twitter to be precise) and they asked for people to share photos with New York Police Officers to instill a sense of community involvement with New Yorkers.

They asked tweeters to share the photos with the hashtag #myNYPD and then all hell broke lose. Instead of people sharing touching photos with their favorite local officers they took to the associated press and found pictures showing officers in blatant acts of police brutality. I think this has a great idea behind the repercussions but instead of maybe going to the people for them to share photos publicly, why not ask them to send them in a private message then create a photo collage at the end of the project, or do a several minute video of a heartwarming type that shows that police officers are husbands, wives, mothers, fathers and show a personal side and the people they interact with on a daily basis and how their presence helps the neighborhoods they work in. But by giving the hashtag out and asking people to all join in on a public very open social media channel it opens the doors for negative feedback stemming from a great idea that was meant to personify the NYPD. Show the everyday good they do to protect the people in New York City. It’s a tough job and they are definitely not commended enough for the service they do but this social media campaign had some room for error and misinterpretation. But they still could come back on social media and share something that gets peoples minds off all the negativity and places more interest on the everyday life of an officer and how challenging and rewarding it is.





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3 thoughts on “Twitter Photo Contest with NYPD Turns Ugly Fast

  1. Tommy says:

    So that was a bit of a PR disaster for NYPD.. never mind what Commissioner Bratton has said about positive reinforcement of the engagement. There’s no way to spin #myNYPD as a good outcome for either the police force or the city of New York..

    • floragency says:

      I think the idea behind the social media campaign was a good thought. Those officers that work because they generally want to help people are probably offended by all the heat they get from people who dislike the PD as a whole. Some of those that abuse their power are making everyone else look bad. This hashtag had good intentions but it should have been done differently from the start. Too much room for misinterpretation which lead to an ugly twitter war.

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